Grassroots Volunteer Driven organizations are the glue that hold many communities together. It’s time we celebrate the enormous energy & light these amazing people and organizations give to our society.

Most Not For Profit Community organizations include valued members of the community who volunteer their time to govern these organizations; we refer to them as committees or boards.

If your organizations includes a formal structure, register the number of hours contributed by your committee or board, to receive instant funding support from the FIREFLY Initiative.​

Your people are already putting in the hard work,
they're just not being rewarded for it.

The Steps and System is Simple

Register your Organization.
Register the members of your committee or board and estimate the total number of hours you volunteer for the year.
Validate those hours by simple Time Capture using the FIREFLY app.
The FIREFLY Initiative will measure and record your total volunteered time and rewards both Community organizations and Volunteers accordingly.

Redeeming Your FIREFLY Time
Token Rewards

The FIREFLY Time Token is a recording system that captures, records and
stores Volunteering efforts on the blockchain

The Token can be exchanged in the FIREFLY Network in the
following ways:

Exchange (Remove Goods and Services)
A FIREFLY member can exchange their volunteer hours for Goods, Services or Value provided by our Community
Capture your Volunteering time by using our FIREFLY app on your mobile phone or desktop.
Receive FIREFLY Time Tokens (FTT) as recognition of the volunteering time you give to your Community organization.


Every hour you volunteer benefits your
organisation, you and the greater


FIRST 100 Registrations Only

  • Be part of the most innovative Volunteer Reward Protocol for Volunteer Driven organizations.
  • Our protocol is designed to seamlessly connect grassroots organizations and business to amplify volunteering outcomes.
  • The best part is you're already doing everything you need to qualify! Be in the first 100 organizations to register and receive a BONUS 10 FIREFLY Time Tokens to start your account.