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Fundraising Made Simple

Uplifting Volunteer & Member Powered Organisations

Attend our Webinar if you'd like to learn how your Organisation can benefit from our Passive Fundraising Program.

Most Clubs and Community Organisations expect their Volunteers and Members to help them raise funds.

Firefly's Sponsorship program encourages local and national businesses to support community through advertising in the Firefly Marketplace.

Firefly rewards Volunteers & Members when they shop at local or national businesses and a percentage of our sponsors advertising fees goes directly to their nominated Organisation.

It's a new and simple way to receive passive fundraising.

At the Webinar

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What is the

Nothing is more important than: Elevating Volunteers.

Learn why we have created the Firefly Initiative and what our vision is for Volunteers, Organisations & the Business Community.

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Creating a Social Good Economy

Discover how our platform works and how we reward Volunteering Time in your Organisation.


Volunteers & Members

Understand how to empower your Volunteers and Members to contribute to fundraising without burdening them.

See how your Organisation can generate Passive Fundraisers.

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Accessing Sponsor Fundraising

See why the Firefly Initiative Sponsorship Program is able to introduce Sponsors to any type of Volunteer based Organisation, and how you can reduce your sponsorship workload.

It's time to Value Volunteers.

Get on the List

Book your seat for our live webinar

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